We provide PRIVATE psychiatric services online. These are NOT covered or refundable by provincial health care plans. Contact us for a SKYPE appointment today!

For Patients/Clients/Family members

Mental health and relationship health are intertwined and important. Please find out for yourself what access you can get through the public system. It is our hope that it will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. If, however, after investigating what the public system has to offer, you want to consider other options, you can contact us.

With PSYCHIATRY ONLINE CANADA, you can now access private mental health services through Telehealth with no referral letter required. We do however need your family doctor or walk-in doctor willing to accept working with us.  Our services can be provided to you when you need them and for as long as you need them. It is a medical decision between you and your mental health doctor as to when services are no longer required. Contact us today about pricing and availability.

Stop the pain, access help now, online.
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