We provide PRIVATE psychiatric services online. These are NOT covered or refundable by provincial health care plans. Contact us for a SKYPE appointment today!

For Medical Professionals

1. For Family Docs/GPs

If your patients need non-acute outpatient Psychiatric services and want to avoid the wait lists by paying for a private consult, then you can direct them to us through this website. A referral letter is not required, but will be welcomed to aid in the assessment. It must, however, be provided by the patient directly to Psychiatry Online Canada.

2. For Psychiatrists/GP Psychotherapists

If you provide quality Psychiatric services that are amenable to telehealth, and have you worked hard to be up-to-date and at the top of your field, then WE WANT YOU TO JOIN OUR TEAM.
Please contact us so that we can discuss the significant advantages to you and your patients of joining Psychiatry Online Canada.  One of our goals is to grow to the point where we can provide a national online on-call service for participating psychiatrists giving their practice 24/7 coverage.

Email us at PsychiatryOnlineCanada@gmail.com