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Couple Therapy Calgary

Couple Therapy


Over fifty percent (50%) of those suffering from a mental health disorder experience significant distress in their relationships. In over fifty percent (50%) of those couples experiencing distress in their relationships, there is a diagnosable mental health disorder in one or both partners. An important function of good psychiatric care involves preserving and improving patients' relationships as part of the treatment of the patient's mental health.

Emotionally Focused Therapy is now validated in the literature as the most effective form of therapy for couples in distress.  Other types of therapies are not as well supported.  In fact, many are unsupported, and may even be harmful to the health of a relationship.

The literature is clear that one of the most important prognosticators of good mental and physical health is the quality of one’s primary relationship. As humans, we are relational beings.  Psychiatry Online Canada puts people and their relationships first.  When you engage in couples therapy, you are investing in your relationship – strengthening and healing it by increasing the felt safety within it.  Making this investment can help protect you from the emotional and physical sequellae of a poor or declining relationship.

Couples therapy, like anything worthwhile, involves the sacrifice of time, effort and money.  It also involves a great deal of courage on the part of each member of the couple, and the therapist as well.  The cost of not addressing relationship problems, however, can be much higher, including the far-reaching negative consequences not only for the members of the couple, but also for families and even communities.

It is now established that a healthy relationship is as important as diet and exercise for your physical health (e.g. immune system, heart health, etc.) as well as your mental health.

Couple Therapy

It can last forever.

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